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I am a young artist from the south of Germany being interested in three-dimensional images and videos, but also in photography, transportation design and graphics design.

I began using blender in august 2007, mainly because I had tried the Maya 7 PLE and found it really interesting – but was not happy with it because all the renders had a watermark which was ok for the beginning but then started to make me search for an alternative.

Blender was really strange in the beginning, but it didn’t take longer than some weeks of testing at weekends to get used to the principles and the basic functionalities. My presence in the German blender-forum made it relatively easy to learn the mistakes you can make by reading other people’s questions and trying to reproduce and solve them without knowing much about the program in the beginning. I do not like tutorials so much, so I learnt most of blender’s functionality simply by testing and trying things, sometimes looking up things in the German blender-documentation (which is really helpful).

Because I learnt that it helps me to help in the forum, I went on doing this – which made me one of the most active users there. Because it helps yourself and others, I really recommend this kind of work to everyone trying to learn a piece of software.

I started blogging here in february 2009 because I wanted to try something new, maybe help a few people with some of my (admittedly relatively specific and unusual) tutorials and basically show people what I’m doing.

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  1. Patro permalink
    2010-12-16 23:41 GMT+0000

    I see some nice luxrender renders here… what about to upload them in Luxrender gallery?
    also why you not post it on Luxrender finished work sub forum?
    great work you have done with the frecce tricolori… I’m Italian and the small acrobatic jet it’s a nice toy 😉

    • blendipel permalink
      2010-12-17 09:06 GMT+0000

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      The reason I’m not showing them on every related forum and gallery is that I don’t want to handle too many conversations, there are just so many sites I could post my pictures on.
      Because I’m switching the render engine too often (Blender, Indigo, Luxrender, whoknowswhatinthefuture), the forum for the renderer is (in my opinion) the least suitable choice because I can only show a small part of my images there.

      However, I’ll think about adding them to the Luxrender Gallery.

  2. Patro permalink
    2010-12-17 11:37 GMT+0000

    I understand you very well.. about forum topics…
    but to upload into luxrender gallery is just enough… and thank you

    PS: stay tuned on Luxrender new materials were added in the latest weekly builds.. and more are coming.

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