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Some Blender files (mainly models) I created and want to share for the case someone wants to take a look them (probably to learn something) or to play with it or whatever…:

Wind Turbine (Speedmodelling, 45 min)

Wind Turbine (Speedmodelling, 45 min)



[Click the images to get to the download page]

Have fun 🙂

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  1. 2010-05-30 08:06 GMT+0000

    Nice work for the italian patrol.

    Can you do a tuto on modeling plane. There aren’t good on the web.

    And a download for the plane soon ? For study…

    • blendipel permalink
      2010-05-30 12:54 GMT+0000

      Thanks you.

      I could think about a tutorial (although it’s basically nothing else than modelling a car – and there are plenty of tutorials for cars).

      I don’t think I will offer a download.

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